The installer encountered an error resolution while setting the reporting service and share point exclusion paths.

Error: The installer encountered an error while setting up reporting service and share point exclusion paths. The error is: Serious errors occurred during installation. I don't know if it is related to the installation disk. I have encountered it twice. I have seen many people on the Internet. I checked KB, a bunch of EN texts, and also changed registration. Table, I really don't know. Finally, I tried the following steps to solve it: 1. Locate the dotnetfx.exe file on the installation CD (that is, the NET2.0 installation file), double-click to install it, and then select “fix” Installation 2, after restarting the host, re-delete and reinstall IIS3, select to reinstall SQL SERVER 2005 through Add/Remove Program, and install Reporting Services 4 separately. During the installation process, you will be prompted to select no instance. You need to manually initialize the configuration Reporting services. Do not bother, continue to install 5, select SQL Server 2005 in the Start menu "Configuration Tools /Reporting Services Configuration", manually configure the report service to initialize the report service, similar to the following, the report service is successfully installed and Initialization is completed. 6. You can see that two virtual directories, Reports and ReportServer, have been added to IIS. You can log in to http://ip/report with a browser. s see the web interface of the report service, if you use the SSL certificate, please use https to access.
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