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The job of the network administrator is often to diagnose and solve various faults of the server. Although no one likes trouble, the trouble is always to find the door. Only with superb diagnostic skills can you respond quickly in an emergency and keep your network running smoothly.

When you are facing the challenge of a network failure, first ask yourself a few simple questions: Where have you changed? Has this problem been encountered before? If so, when? Is it possible to let the problem reappear? What special operations did the user do? Have other users encountered the same problem?

Why can't the power-on self-test pass?


1) The machine cuts off the power, opens the chassis, and shorts the other two pins of the COMSCLEAR jumper

with the jumper cap of the COMSCLEAR jumper. (See the motherboard manual for jumpers);

2) Power up the machine, self-test, wait for the machine to self-test, report that the CMOS has been cleared, then turn off the power of the machine and restore the jumper; < Br>

3) The machine is turned back on.

Threading Common Problems Handling


1. After the system is installed, the display will appear a flower screen phenomenon, which is caused by AGP graphics card failure. Everything is normal after the replacement.

2, boot black screen, do not self-test, and reported two beeps, the memory is not inserted. Re-inserted memory, troubleshooting.

3, the cooling fan does not turn, but the rear fan of the chassis turns (indicating that the motherboard is powered), the CPU cooling fan power cable is plugged in error

(plugged into the chassis fan power connector ), after plugging into the RIMM1, the CPU fan interface on the side is resolved.

What are the solutions for NAS system maintenance?


- Since the NAS4100/4300 operating system has a mirror backup, the general system damage can be started by the backup operating system. This maintenance procedure includes the following conditions:

*Hard disk problems

*The operating system and backup system are both broken

The steps are as follows:

1 Select the same model spare parts, because the NAS4100/4300 has 4 hard disks, it is recommended to select the same hard disk that the user has problems

2. Delete the data area on the hard disk, that is, the hard disk is connected to the PC, separate Delete the data area; the above steps cannot be performed on the NAS

3. Replace the good hard disk with the problematic NAS

4. Start the NAS, if the replacement hard disk involves system booting Need to connect the keyboard and display in the NAS, change the startup sequence of CMOS in the startup of the NAS

5. Open the management interface of the NAS and enter the management interface of TerminalAdvancedService

6. In the Win2000 system In the disk management option, the recovery of the system area and the data area is performed.

* The recovery work for the system area is mainly to re-establish the image protection of the system, select the hard disk of the system area, click the right mouse button, and select to re-establish the image. Br>

* Work to restore the data area is mainly to re-establish the system of RAID5 data protection, data protection due RAID5 NAS, so the original system if a problem occurs, replace a hard disk RAID5 can be re-established. The method is as follows: select the hard disk of the data area, click the right mouse button, select repair RAID5 to re-establish

7. In the system area and data area recovery process, please wait for the end of the whole process, because it may affect, If it is interrupted at this time, it may cause data loss. The recovery process time for the data area may be as long as 5 hours, depending on the amount of data in the data area.


*For the hard disk replacement in the system area, one-to-one replacement is very important, which can reduce the occurrence of data loss and instability, and reduce the maintenance workload if re-established. RAID5 area, replaced hard disk This area must be deleted, otherwise it cannot be re-established

Windows service cannot be started


- On a Windows2000 server, some services Set to start without a local system account. After restarting the Windows 2000 server once, I found that these services did not start. I had to manually open the service, re-enter the password, and then start the service. Each time you re-enter your password, you receive a message saying: <username> has been granted permission to log in as a service.

- To solve this problem, first answer the following questions:

- What changed? Has anyone modified the server?

- Can this service be started before?

- Is the username and password correct?

- The query modification record found that the server is a DC and was not a member of the domain controller organizational unit (OU, OrganizationalUnit). These services have been able to start smoothly before moving out of the OU. In addition, the user name and password used to start these services are legal. Further research found that members of the domain controller OU have some special permissions, including permissions to log in as a service. When the server in question exits the OU, the server loses those permissions. What you need to do now is to restore the server's permissions.

To grant permissions to the server, follow these steps:

- Open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in in the Management Console (MMC) and open the Domain Controllers OU. Properties dialog.

- On the Group Policy page, click "Default Domain Controller Policy" and then click "Edit" to open the Group Policy Manager.

- Expand Computer Configuration /Windows Settings /Security Settings, expand "Local Policies", and then click "User Rights Assignment".

- In the right pane, right click on "Log in as a service" and select the menu "Security".

- Add the user account used to start the service to the policy, and click "OK" when done.

- Server FAQ 5: Why is the ID number of the hard disk not set to 7? The controller occupies, so the ID number of the hard disk cannot be set to 7

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