IBM blade server to build the ideal dynamic infrastructure


[Usage] In addition to IBM System x high-end servers, IBM also provides blade servers to build the ideal dynamic infrastructure for you. Intense market competition requires companies to accomplish more tasks with less investment, which also makes the enterprise in a dilemma of improving business service levels and reducing IT input costs:

◆ IT systems are increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Slow deployment and high IT staff costs; (simplify IT infrastructure and management, reduce operating costs)

◆ A large number of servers, storage and network devices from different vendors and models are not well Integration to play its due value, unable to get good technical support from various manufacturers; (get timely and effective after-sales service)

◆ Data center power supply and cooling costs are getting higher and higher, it is difficult to meet environmental protection requirements; (Reducing costs)

◆ With the disorderly expansion of servers, the space in the computer room or data center is becoming more and more crowded; (saving space)

◆ The existing IT infrastructure cannot be dynamic Maintain business growth. (Flexibility of IT Infrastructure)

IBM BladeCenter is the ideal choice for building a dynamic IT infrastructure

IBM combines storage, networking, I/O and management A BladeCenter chassis, with a powerful processor-based blade server, provides a reliable server consolidation solution. The solution helps organizations simplify their IT infrastructure to increase IT efficiency and reduce the power and cooling costs of IT systems to reduce the total cost of ownership for their IT.

We offer you a 5/5/5 portfolio, all blades and network modules can be used in different chassis:

◆ 5 chassis: BladeCenter E, BladeCenter S , BladeCenter T , BladeCenter H , BlacdeCenter HT;

◆ 5 platforms: Intel Xeon, Intel Core2Duo, AMD, Power, Cell;

◆ 5 kinds of IO: Ethernet, FC, iSCSI, SAS, Infiniband IBM BladeCenter has the following unique advantages in terms of cost reduction, risk management, and service level improvement:

◆ IBM offers more choices and a long-term stable product roadmap to protect customer investments and reduce risk ;

◆ IBM BladeCenter design is more reliable than competing blades: full redundancy, N+N design, reduced downtime and business risk;

◆ The industry's most powerful server Performance provides an excellent service platform: IBM BladeCenter currently offers the world's fastest end-to-end fiber connection speed on x86 servers: 8 Gb per second;

◆ Advanced management platform delivers superior quality of service: Blad eCenter Open Fabric Manager helps you virtualize and manage a wide range of Ethernet and fabric switches in the industry;

◆ Energy-efficient technology reduces energy consumption: BladeCenter is 11 to 19% more energy efficient than comparable chassis in the same configuration.

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