Alipay rewards campus diary to 750 sesame credit points

Recently, Alipay launched a campus diary and white-collar diary, girls can be dynamic in the life circle, and boys can not send dynamic, only rewards and comments. So, does Alipay reward the campus diary with 750 Sesame Credits? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian. After Alipay launched the latest circle of gameplay, the campus diary and white-collar diary circle can be said to have a lot of attention, but want to join this circle, there is also a certain threshold, which wants to play Rewarding users, you need sesame credits of 750 points, so how can you quickly improve your sesame credit scores and enter this circle? Let's take a closer look. Sesame Credit Score Introduction: Sesame Credit Score is a comprehensive treatment and evaluation of Sesame Credit's massive information data, which mainly includes five dimensions: user credit history, behavior preference, performance ability, identity traits and personal relationship. Sesame Credit is based on Alibaba's e-commerce transaction data and Internet financial data of Ant Financial, and establishes data cooperation with public institutions such as the Public Security Network and partners. Unlike traditional credit data, Sesame Credit Data covers credit card repayment and online shopping. , transfer, wealth management, water and electricity coal payment, rental information, address relocation history, social relationships, and so on. At present, Sesame Credit has been applied in more and more fields, and has been used in hundreds of scenes such as credit card, consumer finance, financial leasing, hotels, renting, travel, marriage, classified information, student services, and public service. Merchants provide credit services. For example, when the user's sesame score reaches a certain value in the future, it is expected that there is no need to pay a deposit when renting a car or staying at a hotel. You can try it before you buy it online, you don't have to apply for a deposit when you apply for a visa, and so on. Alipay Sesame Credit Score Rapid Improvement Method: 1. More shopping expenses in Ali, e-commerce platform Tmall, Taobao, and Juhua. 2, use Alipay credit card repayment function, and timely repayment. 3, use Alipay to transfer money. The personal relationship between Alipay users is based on money such as transfer and payment. If you and your friends often maintain a large amount of transactions, the credit score will be much higher. 4. Buy wealth management products on Alipay. At present, Alipay not only has the balance treasure, but also accesses Zhaocaibao. The larger the amount invested by the user, the more frequent the frequency, and the score will naturally be higher. 5, multi-application life service provided on Alipay. 6, and more relationships with some local tyrants. Friends and transfer behaviors reflect your personal connections. It is recommended to add more friends with high sesame credit and often transfer money with them.
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