360 security guards pilot version graphic tutorial

Today Xiaobian brings you a graphic tutorial for the 360 ​​security guards pilot version. In this article, we will not only introduce you to the basic functions of 360 Security Guardian Navigation Edition —— virus killing, computer garbage cleaning, etc., will also introduce some innovative features of the pilot version, such as: boot self-starting software Forbidden, physical examination and other functions, let's take a look!
360 security guards pilot version of the tutorial: 1, download 360 security guards pilot version, and install on the computer; 6, waiting for the experience to complete, you can see which items listed in Luo need to be repaired. You can choose to fix it selectively, or you can fix it all with one click.
8, then remind you to clean up the garbage. This fix is ​​too big and simple. In the 24 medical examinations, if there are any problems with the project, you can click to enter the single item detection.
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