How to turn your phone into a mouse keyboard

Many users like to use a wireless mouse to remotely operate the computer in bed. However, if you encounter a wireless mouse that has no power, you need to enter text or characters, you must change the battery or use the keyboard to enter before the computer. At this point, if the phone can play the role of mouse and keyboard, the above problems will not be solved? The good news for traditional mice is that Android phones can use the WiFi Mouse software to play the role of mouse and keyboard, allowing you to play PCs remotely. Of course, the premise is that both the phone and the PC need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you don't have a wireless router at home, you can use the 360 ​​portable Wi-Fi or third-party software to use your PC as a wireless hotspot. PC and mobile phone settings for WiFi Mouse need to install PC software "MouseServer" (download address: and mobile app "WiFi Mouse HD" (download address: http: // After installing MouseServer on the PC, double-click the software icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar to record the IP address of the PC. Tip: The MouseServer installation process may prompt you to install an English version of the mobile assistant. We can choose to refuse the installation midway, or uninstall it directly. Some anti-virus software may prompt you to have a Trojan virus. You can choose to allow it. The software is non-toxic. Next, install and run WiFi Mouse HD on the mobile phone, enter the IP address of the PC in the main interface dialog box, and then click the “Connect” button to establish a connection between the phone and the PC. The mouse and keyboard stand by the WiFi Mouse HD software is very rich in features, the interface includes the touch area (similar to the notebook's touchpad), the mouse wheel and left and right buttons, and the advanced function buttons at the bottom. When you need to search for keywords temporarily, or you need to enter the account password, click the keyboard icon to bring up the input method interface of the mobile phone. The text you input will automatically appear in the text input box of the PC side response, thus solving the problem. Keyboard problem. In addition to the mouse and keyboard function, the software can also be used as a multimedia player, and the left and right arrows can enter the multi-window switching interface of Windows. It can be said that when you are used to this software, you will get a more efficient operating experience than traditional keyboards and mice. This article comes from [System Home]
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