Will it take a long time for WeChat transfer to arrive? WeChat transfer to account time sharing


How long does it take for WeChat transfer to arrive? Is there a long time? Many friends want to know the time of WeChat transfer, many friends have opened the WeChat wallet function, if the money in WeChat wallet is transferred How long does it take to get to the bank card? Let's take a look at the WeChat transfer time.

After logging into WeChat users, log in to WeChat, go to “I-My Wallet", click “Transfer” and select the corresponding friend, then follow the instructions to fill in the required transfer. The amount and WeChat payment password can be transferred. The other party only needs to confirm to receive the payment. Payments received by friends can be stored in "changes", or they can be withdrawn to a bank card, and only one day is required.

Wechat transfer account time to share with friends, now everyone knows?

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