PQ partition error, Ghost to remedy the wonderful way

The E disk in the author's computer because of storing a large amount of data, the space has been stretched, and the remaining space of the C and D disks is more, then why not part of the E disk So? I used the partition environment software PartitionMagic (hereinafter referred to as PQ) under Windows environment, and allocated 1GB of C drive and 500MB of D drive to E drive. Although the adjustment speed was abnormally slow, it was finally completed.

Then enter the Windows system, double-click "My Computer", enter the E disk to view your data file, God! E-disk files disappear, and the space size has not changed, then view C , D disk, the discovery space has been reduced.

Enter E disk to select "check error", but the check can not be operated. Trying to use Windows' own "Disk Scanner" error detection, and indeed detected a lot of missing file fragments, "all repairs", E disk is immediately filled with countless .CHK files, but these are not the E disk itself file, how to do it? there are all my valuable data Yeah!

stop and reflect on the, Ghost is not the "disk detection" it? dead horse in front of a live horse medicine , then enter Ghost, select "Local/Check/Disk" in turn, press Enter to start detection. Found that the directory and file of the detection process actually have the original file of the E disk, it is easy to find the original file. First, the E drive

make an image file saved in the D drive with Ghost, then the E disk format, after completion, E disk space becomes the PQ when adjusted with the desired size. Finally, use Ghost Explorer to open the image file, extract the files to the E disk, and open the E disk to run the program. Everything is normal, and the partition damaged by PQ is successfully restored.

solve the problem after careful retrospect, I found that when I resize partitions made a stupid mistake, because PQ8.0 adjacent partitions can only be adjusted, and adjusted across partitions C and E disk on Caused the above problem.
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