Win10 prompts "Server startup failed, port 80 is occupied" What to do

Win10 system encountered server startup failure, 80 port is occupied?

The steps are as follows:
1, run cmd as administrator;
2, input:
net stop http< Br> Note: If you are prompted to stop these services, select “Y”;
3, enter after completion:
sc config http start=disabled
Other methods: (If port 80 can not To remove the occupancy, use the solution below.)
Solution 1:
1, Ctrl+x, then select “Computer Management", expand “Services & Applications", find “service” ;
2, find the & ldquo; World Wide Web Publishing service & rdquo ;, double-click to open the startup type to manual, change the service status is & ldquo; stop & rdquo ;;
3, if port 80 is still occupied, also need to stop the following services:
& ldquo; SSDP Discovery & rdquo;
& ldquo; Print Spooler & rdquo;
& ldquo; HomeGroup Provider & rdquo;
& ldquo; Function Discovery Resource Publication & rdquo;
& ldquo; Function Discovery Provider Host”
Solution :
1. Run regedit as administrator;
2, open key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesHTTP;
3, find Start on the right, change it to 0;
4, restart the system The System process does not occupy port 80.

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