How to view the upgradeable version of Win10 installed

Some users have installed the Win10 system long ago, but the Win10 system has been updated over time. So users may not know if Win10 is the latest version, so how should users check if their Win10 is the latest version? How should I view the version that Win10 can upgrade?
Open a command prompt with administrator status, copy the following command to the command prompt to run:
dism /online /get-targeteditions
Note: Win10W and below versions need to be pasted with the mouse, in Windows10 The command prompt in the command already supports the keyboard Ctrl+V paste shortcut.
Win10 view upgradeable version method:
If the Win10 preview version is activated, the prompt version does not match, which means there should be a higher version than the technical preview version, which has been confirmed by actual operation, and indeed contains the media center. The version exists. Execute the above command in the Win10 Technology Preview. The result is shown below:

So how do you upgrade? Win10 Technology Preview is an incomplete evolution of Win8.1, and some installation keys for Win8/8.1, including Media Center Keys, are available in the Technical Preview. If you have a private media center key in hand, you can use this key to upgrade the Win10 Technology Preview to a version that includes the Media Center. Be sure to use your own private media center key, otherwise it may not be activated after the upgrade. In addition, after the upgrade, the system version will become "Windows 8.1 Professional Edition (including Media Center)" in the system properties, as shown below:
Win10 Upgrade Key: MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7
Although the name has changed, the version number has not changed. It is not clear whether there will be other impacts, so please upgrade carefully.
The above is the way to check if Win10 is the latest version, but this method can only be upgraded to the latest version of the beta version. It will take some time to upgrade the official version

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