Win10 system hibernation file location

Win10's hibernation function has great practical value in daily use, allowing users to quickly return to the startup state in the next use, but this will produce a certain hibernation file. Do you know the location of the Win10 sleep file?
Operation method
First step, open the C drive, click the Robbin toolbar "View" option, and then click the "Options" option on the right.

Step 2, in the Folder Options dialog box, click Cancel & ldquo; Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended) & rdquo;, then click Select “Show Hidden Files, Folders & Drives&rdquo ;

The third step, there is a hiberfil.sys file in the C drive, this is the Win10 hibernation file!

Because the hibernation file will occupy a certain space in the C drive, if The C drive has insufficient space and can periodically delete the hibernation file. Users with Win8.1 can refer to the tutorial "Remove Win8.1 System Hibernation Files".

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