Win10 has sent mail can not synchronize 0x80070032 error how to do

Win10 has sent mail can not synchronize 0x80070032 error how to do? "Sync" mechanism is one of the important functions of the mail application, whether you use the web page login or the client login to your own mailbox, you must be able to see all sent and received Past mail.
But some users of the Win10 "Mail" application have been helpless recently. They found that "sent mail" was not synced and was notified of error code 0x80070032.

According to a user who has this experience, after upgrading to the official version of Windows10, once you enter the system's built-in "mail" application, you will get an error 0x80070032, unable to synchronize sent mail, but inbox The synchronization was not affected. This user has been trying for a few days, but no problem has been solved.
Not only that, but there are a few other users who have encountered the same problem with the same problem (the same is not able to synchronize the sent mail, but the error code is different), such as "we are currently unable to connect to
Please make sure you have a network connection available and try again. Error code 0x80072ee2. ” According to the user's response, there was no problem with the network connection at that time, and the Internet could be accessed normally.
At present, Microsoft has not given an effective solution. It is recommended that affected users temporarily use other email applications to process emails to avoid delays.

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