How to use computer housekeeper to upgrade win10

March 18, 2015, Tencent has announced that Tencent computer butler officially cooperated with Microsoft, will provide domestic users with a one-click upgrade to windows 10 services.
Windows 10 is officially released in China. At the press conference, Microsoft announced that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent Computer Butler to jointly launch the win10 free upgrade protection plan. Win7 and win8 users can use the official win10 for free by simply upgrading Win10 through Tencent's official channel.

According to Tencent's description, Tencent Computer Manager will begin to provide one-click upgrade service after the official release of Windows10, and will be completely free of charge in the first year.
From the details, we can see that the user's computer will be free of charge for one-click upgrades, whether it is windows xp, vista, win7 or Win8, or even genuine or pirated.

In other words, this is a free "washing white" opportunity. Tencent also said that this upgrade will not cause black screen problems after pirated upgrades, which further indicates that the pirated system is also upgraded. .

Of course, Tencent is obviously authorized by Microsoft, which indirectly indicates that Microsoft hopes to let more Chinese users start using Windows 10 through the free "whitewashing".

For Microsoft, the biggest problem now is not the charge, but the market share. The Win8 market is dying for Win10 to get saved, and the free lunch is obviously the fastest way.

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