How does Win10 cancel the power-on password?

How to cancel the power-on password in Win10?
First, click the Windows start icon in the lower left corner of the Win10 desktop to enter the Win10 start menu. After opening the start menu, type netplwiz in the bottom search box, as shown below:
< Br> Second, after searching out the netplwiz control account entry, we click on the top of the figure as shown in the "netplwiz", enter the Win10 account settings, as shown below.

3. After entering the Win10 user account window, we will remove the checkmark in front of [To use this computer, the user must enter the user name and password], and then click "Delete" at the bottom, as shown below.

Win10 power-on password cancellation method
Fourth, in the pop-up automatic login settings, fill in the Win10 power-on password, after completion, click the bottom of the "OK", you can, as shown .

After the above settings are completed, the Win10 power-on password is cancelled. You can enter the Win10 desktop without entering the power-on password for the next boot. Win10 cancels the power-on password setting is very simple, in addition, users can also cancel the Win10 power-on password by modifying the registry, but the setup steps are relatively troublesome.

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