Win10 how to open a new start screen in Continuum mode

Win10 system not only returns to the user's long-awaited start menu, but also has its own unique style, the start menu and the start screen want to combine, in the latest 9879 update, new What's the new start screen in Continuum mode? Let's first look at how to open this new start screen.

Win10 to open a new start screen in Continuum mode:
1, first open “ Registry Editor & rdquo;, can be opened by <;Windows logo key + R & rdquo; open & ldquo; run & rdquo;, And enter "ldedit" to open;
2, locate the following location in the registry: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\ImmersiveShell\\Launcher\\”, which "Luncher" Does not exist, manually create it;
3, create a new DWORD32 value on the right side, named "UseExperience" (not including the quotation marks on both sides);
4, change its key value to "ld"; 1 & rdquo ;;
5, restart the resource manager, you can select “ exit the resource manager by holding down the “Shift+Ctrl” key combination and right-clicking in the blank space of the start menu, and then Use “Shift+Ctrl+Esc” to open “Task Manager”, then select “File”——“Run New Task” and enter“explorer.ex e” the way to restart the resource manager.
After the above five steps are completed, the user can experience the new start screen in the Continuum mode of the Win10 system. If you want to return to the normal start menu, follow the above steps to change the registry key 1 to 0. , restart the resource manager.

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