How to change Win10 desktop to Mac interface?


Usually the desktop layout of a computer has always been that way, and some users feel tired after a long time. But this time he saw that the Mac interface is pretty good, then can the Win10 desktop be changed to a Mac interface? The answer is of course possible. Let's take a look at the Win10 system to change the desktop to the Mac interface. Interested friends come to see it.


Software tools to be used: RocketDock, Mac OS X Leopard plugin, Stack-Docklet plugin and StartIsBackwin10 software, as well as some beautiful desktop wallpapers.

1, first installed in the computer & ldquo; & rdquo; in the & ldquo; RocketDockPortable_1.3.5.exe & rdquo; because the software is cracked version (although the original is free, but There are BUGs that are not very useful), so they can only be installed in non-system disks;

Second, copy the folder "Mac OS X" in Mac OS X”Mac OS X Leopard” & ldquo; install directory \\ App \\ RocketDock \\ Skins & rdquo; in, as shown below;

Third, the & ldquo; & rdquo; folders & ldquo; StackDocklet & rdquo; copied to & ldquo; Installation directory \\App\\RocketDock\\Docklets”

These are the Win10 desktops into the entire contents of the Mac interface, users are interested can follow the method described in small series, change your own computer desktop.

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