Strength loves the value: Win10 flat Surface Pro 4 top version evaluation

Win10 Tablet Surface Pro 4 has multiple versions, of which the top version is theoretically the coolest for you. As for how cool the tablet can be used, the evaluation room actually experienced the "fighter" in the Microsoft Windows10 productivity tablet.

give everyone a look configuration, this so-called top version of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 consists of the following parts consisting of:

can be seen, the so-called "top fit", highlights that Skylake version of the Core The i7's CPU, 16GB of large memory and 1TB of SSD hard drive, for the office and productivity tablet, these three theoretically can certainly survive most of the software. However, if you plan to play it with a large stand-alone game, I am afraid it will be more difficult, as will be explained later.
I. Appearance and Operation
The IT House got the combination of the top version of the machine and the special keyboard cover of the "Gao Da" special edition. This combination can be said to have both strength and value. It is better than other versions. Of course, as a productivity device, it is better to not eat at the top of the meal, and the true ability is worthy of the name of "productivity." In terms of experience, this “luxury” keyboard cover feels very good, and its surface is made of a new two-tone mixed-grey Alcantara fabric material that feels soft and soft. The keyboard buttons and the touchpad are also comfortable to touch and have a smooth skin feel.

on input experience, IT House was measured in the this "special edition" version of the keyboard and general no different, no matter keys, key size, key The spacing, or the button pull back, the experience is the same as the normal version, the typing experience is close to the notebook keyboard. The same is true for the tablet, compared to the Surface version of the Surface Pro 3, especially the horizontal distance stretching is more obvious, suitable for the pointer to move left and right, and suitable for Win10 multi-finger gesture operation.

Second, the performance test
This is a test Surface Pro 4 "hard effort" an important part, IT home use PCMark 8, 3DMark 11, CineBench R15, AIDA64, CrystalDiskInfo 7.0.0 and soft media Rubik's and other evaluation tools to examine this top with a flat panel, see how this top with Win10 tablet in the evaluation software's eyes.

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