Small size Win10 tablet, what will be surpassed in Surface 4?

The sales of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is very popular. The situation of out of stock has been eased. According to the release rules of Microsoft's Surface series products this year, high-end and low-end products will be released at different times. The entry-level tablet Surface 3 was released before April, and the high-performance Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book were released in early October. Now that 2015 has entered the last month, the spring of 2016 is waving to us not far away. Therefore, the next-generation entry-level small-size Win10 tablet Surface 4 may be coming to us.

▲ Surface 3
understand Surface 3 friends may know, from the appearance of this product is fully in line with the consistent design concept Surface series, to meet the learning needs and lightweight office performance, even Run some games smoothly. Although it is a relatively low-end positioning, but unlike the previous Surface RT series, this product runs the full version of Win8.1 system, you can upgrade Win10 for free, so the program compatibility and ecosystem are perfect. For the future Surface 4, the above features should be retained, and the new product will inevitably surpass, then what do you expect from Surface 4?
From the user feedback point of view, the following aspects should be worth considering:
1, performance improvement
This is the core indicator of computer equipment. For CPU 4 to improve performance, CPU, memory and hard drive are definitely the focus. In view of the positioning of this series of products, the CPU should not be too strong, after all, small and thin is the premise of Surface 4. Combined with Surface 3's Atom X7, Surface 4 may consider the Core M series for performance reasons. This series of CPUs are basically used on tablets, even Apple's 12-inch MacBook and Surface Pro 4 low-end version also used this processor. It should be said that this CPU is still very good for use on lightweight devices. It can provide more matching performance, and can ensure the thin and light appearance of the device, and the performance is much higher than Atom X7, so use it to upgrade Surface 4. The performance should be a good choice.

▲ Surface Pro 4
memory upgrade can make a fuss in terms of both type and capacity. DDR4 is getting more and more popular, Microsoft can consider enabling this series of memory in Surface 4, and can increase the high version capacity to 8GB. The hard disk can be considered to switch from eMMC to a faster SSD, and the high version capacity can be increased to 256GB or higher.

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