Win10 running slow how to do win10 running slow solution


win10 running slow how to do? Some users in the process of experiencing the official version of win10, I feel that the running speed is very slow, not expected to be good, then let's share the slow speed of Win10 solution, let's take a look!

If you encounter problems such as slow system operation during the experience of Win10 system, you can use the following methods to optimize the system to speed up the system. The specific settings are as follows:

1. Click on the "Start" menu, click on the "Control Panel" option, then click on the upper right corner to switch to the large icon mode.

2, select System, click Advanced Settings, click Settings in the performance options.

3, the visual effects column performance options you can see there are four Setup Mode. The settings are adjusted to the best performance mode.

4, click "Apply - OK" on it.

The above is performance optimization - an introduction to improving the response speed of the Win10 system. The premise of optimization is to sacrifice some cool features of the system, such as maximizing or minimizing window animation. . Because the cool function will consume memory when you use it, canceling the cool function will make the system run smoother.

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