Seamless cross-device experience: Cortana Xiaona has integrated with 500 Win10 apps


Microsoft this week showed us the possibilities of integrating Cortana Xiaona with popular apps, for example, with Viber, Uber, And integration of applications such as Shopular. Integration is not new

and third-party applications, Microsoft said, Cortana has been integrated with 500 apps. Unlike Cortana on WP8.1, in Win10, Cortana has been able to perform tasks directly, not just to open an application for you. In addition, with the increasing popularity of Cortana, its capabilities will be further enhanced.

Taking Uber as an example, Cortana has achieved deep integration with the application. Based on the close partnership between the two companies, it is now possible to arrange Uber trips through Outlook, and also through Uber to Outlook. The user sends a reminder.

If you have an e-mail mentioned in the purchase of movie tickets and other information, and contains specific date, Cortana can help you understand this and then do it.

On the Win10 system, Cortana will appear on the desktop (taskbar) and in the Microsoft Edge browser. Because Cortana's features are platform-independent, you can customize its capabilities on a variety of devices.

If you're using it on a tablet and want Cortana to send you a Viber message for someone, she can open the app for you and go to the conversation window. If you are using it on your phone, Cortana can send the message directly.

Another example is the integration of Cortana and Shopular. If you visit the physical storefront, the mobile version of Cortana will tell you which coupons are currently available in the store; if you access the shopping site through the Microsoft Edge browser, Cortana on the right side of the browser will also give you a reminder.

Clearly, Microsoft wants to create a seamless experience for the user environment, and users do not need to consider the type of equipment they use.

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