How to make offline anti-virus disk with Windows Defender under Win10 system?


Windows Defender is a built-in anti-virus software for Win10. Many people may not know that Windows Defender has offline anti-virus function. You can use Windows Defender to make U disk anti-virus disk. Let's take a look at how Win10 uses Windows Defender to make offline antivirus discs.

How to use:

1. Double-click the program to run it all the way, click “Next” & then select the media you made: CD, USB flash drive or ISO image.

2, these three ways have their own strengths, but generally U disk used more, the following example of this method.

3, after inserting the U disk, determine which U disk to use in the U disk selection interface, and then click “ next step & rdquo; start production.

4, the production is divided into 4 steps, mainly because the file download is relatively time-consuming, IT home test found that the download speed is very slow, and the downloaded file has 227.31MB, need to wait for a long time.

Note: If you use the other two methods, you also need to download the same file, the difference is that these methods are different for the file processing: one is to write to the U disk, the other is to make a CD or ISO Mirror.

5, after downloading and making, you can use this U disk or CD to restart the computer, in this process you need to choose to let the CD or U disk boot.

6, after booting you can see the familiar interface of Windows Defender (as shown below), but the title bar is Win9x/2000 style, young new users may not like it, but old users may feel kind . The method of use is the same as the normal online version, and will not be described here.

The above is the introduction of how to use Windows Defender to make offline anti-virus disk under Win10 system. Offline anti-virus disk can remove the stubborn virus that ordinary anti-virus software can't remove, and after making U disk anti-virus disk, you can also own Win7/Win8.1 and other systems.

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