How does Win10 use its own firewall


Win10 firewall and Windows Defender jointly protect the security of the system, with these two, you don't have to go far to download third-party software. The Win10 firewall is set up well to prevent malicious attacks on the network. If the settings are not good, it will prevent users from accessing the Internet normally. How should it be used?

1. Allow the application to communicate through the Windows Firewall

2. In the advanced settings, you can take the station and inbound directions for finer particles. Security policy definition. If you don't understand, don't change the default strategy at will. Otherwise, normal application communication may cause problems.

3, let alone win the firewall does not support port security policy class, inbound or outbound rules, select New, as shown below, port and protocol support.

Win10 more defensive firewall A firewall, which allows data transfer through or restrict accordance with certain rules, such as the Win10 application comes IE is without intervention.

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