How to recover the computer after the failure of Win10 preview


We often use this to refresh this operation on the computer. Refresh for places where content or status changes are frequent, and sometimes for slow webpage reflections. When the Win10 system has serious problems, reloading is the next step. Restoring the computer is a good way to refresh the computer, because you can not lose personal files, personal settings and installed applications. Refreshing the webpage We often operate and refresh the computer how to operate it?

First put the Windows 10 system installation CD into the CD-ROM drive, or insert the prepared Win10 U disk system installation disk into the computer. Then there are two situations:

Case 1: Can enter Win10 system

If you can enter Win10 system, then open “Computer Settings”, then enter “Update & Restore&rdquo ; select & ldquo; & rdquo ;, restore interface shown in Figure:

the first item in the right window is the & ldquo; to restore the computer without affecting your files & rdquo ;, where you can see recovery The advantage of a computer is that it can not lose personal files. Click “Start” then follow the prompts to start recovering your computer.

Case 2: Win10 system is a more serious problem, can not enter the system

Here it is necessary to enter the WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment), as shown:

In WinRE interface Click on <;Troubleshooting” to see the "Restore PC" option. Figure:

Click & ldquo; & rdquo ;, then restore the computer will let you & ldquo; select an account in order to continue operation & rdquo ;. Figure:
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