How to view the computer configuration under Win10 system


To play games or install software, it is often necessary to consider whether the configuration of the computer can support the operation, but how to view it under Win10 system? In fact, the functions of the Win10 system can easily view the configuration of the computer.

View the computer configuration method under Win10 system:

Method one:

1. Use the shortcut key Win+R to open the running command window, enter "ldxdiag" and click [OK] button, if there is a window pop-up, please select “no”.

2. & ldquo; system & rdquo; can view the processor (CPU) and memory size (1024MB = 1GB), switching to the & ldquo; display & rdquo; can view the graphics configuration (type, the GPU frequency, Video memory and other information.
screenshot screenshot under Win7 system, and Win10 systems indiscriminately

Method Two:

1. Right-click on the desktop & ldquo; this computer & rdquo; icon, In the pop-up menu, select “Properties”.
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