Win10pin code can not log in how to do win10 set pin code can not log in solution


What should I do if the win10pin code cannot be logged in? There are problems with the win10 user who can not log in after setting the pin code. The following brings the win10 setting pin code can not log in the solution, together with Xiaobian to understand it!

Win10 setting pin code can not log in Solution:

Win10 users often have some minor problems, often there will be friends who have Windows10 new settings PIN code can not log in, this problem will make The security of your Windows 10 account is not guaranteed.

Win10 system will appear in the course of a situation, a new set of PIN code can not log into the system and can not log in even, not even for Win10 PIN code to modify and delete operations, this time how to do it?

Win10 PIN code setting interface

in the login options Win10 preview of 9926's account settings, you can set up log in with a PIN code. The PIN is called the Personal Identification Number and is a four-digit code. Because of the small number of bits, login is more convenient, and is often used in mobile devices such as mobile phones.

In this option, for the PIN that has already been set, only the change button and the delete button are not deleted. If this PIN is available, it will not be deleted or canceled in Win10 at present.

Modify the code by Win8 Win10PIN

In contrast, mature Win8.1 do not have this problem, you can set a PIN code, you can also delete function is comprehensive. Therefore, users can now try to use Win10's PIN code login function with the help of Win8.1.

The above is the whole content of the win10pin code can not be logged in. In the official version of Win10, the PIN code setting should be improved.

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