Win10 standby continuous network how to set up win10 standby wake up can not connect wifi solution


win10 standby continuous network how to set? There are win10 users found that the computer can not connect to the wifi network after standby, the following describes win10 standby wake up can not connect wifi solution, together with Xiaole brother to understand it!

Win10 standby wakeup can not connect to wifi Solution:

Friends who use Windows10 often find that their devices are automatically disconnected when they are in standby, and they cannot connect after standby wake-up. On wifi, all of you will be very anxious.

In everyday use the computer, windows system standby, hibernate feature has brought us great convenience, sometimes we need to temporarily leave the computer, but we hope to come back when they can quickly use The computer saves the trouble of rebooting and saves our working status on the computer. At this time, we use the standby or hibernation function of the system. When we put the system into standby, we can not only quickly restore the work of the previous computer. State, can also save power for us, but some students report that after waking up standby, dormant state, wifi wireless network often can not connect, you need to restart the computer before, then there is any way to restart the computer quickly Is the connection to the wireless network restored? The answer is yes!

Solution 1

1. Right-click on the Start menu and open the Control Panel. With the view mode as "Category", click "View Network Status and Tasks" as shown below. :

2, then we click on "change adapter settings", as shown below:

3, after the above two steps, we can see the computer after the network is connected,

4, we are looking for is a WLAN connection, right-click on it and select "disable", until the icon turns gray, again to "enable", so, wireless The network can be reconnected.

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