How to open win10 night light mode win10 night light mode setting open method


How to open the win10 night light mode? Win10 creators added a night light mode, there may be unclear, the following describes the win10 night light mode setting open method, together with Xiaobian to understand it!

How to open win10 night light mode?

Added a night light mode to the Win10 Creator Update to show warmer colors at night to keep your tired eyes resting, helping you to sleep better at night.

Please select the "Start" button and select "Settings" > "Display". Turn on the "Night Lights" or select "Night Light Settings" to set the night lights from the line. After

into the "night light settings", you can adjust the color temperature at night, this allows the user to adjust in the case of the blue as far as possible to reduce the display looks comfortable.

As shown in the figure below, the color temperature bar shows that the lack of blue light is reddish and yellow, and the more the slider is to the left, the more the display is red, which means the color temperature rises up to 1200K (close to soft). Medium red), and vice versa yellow and white (normal color). Children's shoes of interest can be tried on their own.

Win10 night light mode setting method:

Win10 night light mode discovery switch is gray, can not be opened, the reason is caused by the graphics card driver problem, try to uninstall the integrated graphics driver reload can solve!


1, the first to use Win X shortcut menu opened, enter the device manager

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