How to use win10 paint 3d Microsoft paint 3d use graphic tutorial


How to use win10 paint 3d? 3d drawing software paint 3d has been integrated into the win10 creator system, the following introduces Microsoft paint 3d using graphic tutorials, together with Xiaole brother to understand it!

Microsoft Paint 3d uses graphic tutorials:

Recently Win10 ushered in a major update, codename Creator creative. I was upgraded with the Surface, and after a long wait I finally upgraded. First report, the system has not found any problems for normal use.

After the upgrade, Microsoft's new 3D graphics software, Paint 3D, has been integrated into the system! I quickly played for two days, and then shared the experience and function of these two days. bodypaint 3d Chinese version

[software interface]

Software Foundation interface

The entire interface is quite friendly, no complicated buttons and parameters, easier to get started ( Of course, it has little to do with functionality.) In line with the principle of “do not teach”, we don’t describe every button, because most of them just need to try it.

The top panels include painting, 3D, stickers, text, etc.; the right side is the specific tools, colors, parameters and other adjustments. The main interface is a whiteboard. If you look closely, it is in a three-dimensional space. This is also the feature of this software. In terms of image, it is painting in space.

[painting] plane

different pen effects

drawing function is relatively common, the right side is a combination of different pens and different colors. The only difference is that there is a material selection function above the swatch (although there are only a few metal materials), different materials will affect the rendering effect of 3D lighting.

Note that the right of making three-dimensional object] [

plan view of painting, can be converted into a three-dimensional drawing space, any rotational sliding, or as a three-dimensional model in texture .

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