Win8 download Win10 dual system Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial


front to bring you U disk installation Win10 and Win8/8.1 upgrade installation Win10 system tutorial, the first two installation methods are single system, but because WIn10 preview version still has a lot of software compatibility issues, so it is not recommended to upgrade or reinstall Win10 system directly. It is recommended that you install Win8.1 and Win10 dual system, you can experience Win10 without affecting the original Win8/. 8.1 system use. Not much nonsense, the following is a Win10/8.1 download Win10 dual system tutorial.

Win8 download Win10 dual system Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial

1, preparation work

a) Create a new installation for Win10 Partitioning

First we need to prepare a pure disk partition for the next Win10 preview installation. Here I teach you how to create a new partition directly in the Win8/8.1 system. The specific method is as follows.

First, after entering the Win8.1 computer management, we click “Disk Management”, then we need to find a partition with a large remaining space, right click on it Click and select “Compress Volume & rdquo; from the pop-up menu, as shown in the following interface.

Disk Compressed Volume

Second, in the pop-up compressed volume dialog box, we need to enter the size of the compressed space. Since the author chose the F disk of 300G capacity, it has already used 20GB, and the remaining 280GB capacity is available. Here is used to install Win10 system, and Win10 installation disk, Win10 system disk space is generally recommended to reserve more than 30GB capacity (Pepsi network PC841.COM original tutorial), here Xiaobian to assign it 60GB, which is 60 * 1024M = 61440 (M), after entering this capacity, click on the “compression & rdquo; at the bottom, as shown below.

Third, this time, this new partition is not available, here we need to create a new simple volume. To do this, right click on the new partition and select “New Simple Volume & rdquo;, as shown below:

The last step is to complete. After completing the Win8.1 new partition, we will enter my computer and you will see a new hard disk partition. This partition will be used as the Win10 system installation disk, as shown below.

If you do not understand the above steps, please go to the detailed tutorial to read: "How to partition Win8.1 Win8.1 new disk partition tutorial."

b)Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation preparations

1, first download the latest in Win8/8.1 computer Win10 system image in ISO file format;

>>.Win10 simplified Chinese version download point to enter

Note: Win8.1 and Win10 have the same system digits, such as our Win8 .1 system is 64-bit, then download Win10 system, you must also choose 64-bit, if the double-system number is different, the installation will be wrong, we need to pay special attention to this, do not understand friends, please read the tutorial: how to view Win8. The 1 version simply looks at the Win8.1 version method.

2, because Win8/8.1 and above can directly open the ISO image file, so we can directly double-click the downloaded ISO image file to run, then you will enter the DVD drive directory, and then in this case, we will Go to the “sources” folder as shown below.

Enter the sources folder

3, after entering the sources folder directory, we will find the [setup] system installation program in this folder, double-click to open and run. ,As shown below.

Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial

Note: Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial, an important step is to run the settings of the sources folder Installer, if you replace Win10 with Win8/8.1 system, that is, directly upgrade Win8.1 to Win10, then directly run the setup installer in the root directory above, upgrade the installation, please read: "How to upgrade Win8 Win10 Win8.1 upgrade Win10 graphic tutorial.

Second, Win8.1 dual system tutorial under Win8.1

1, after running the setup installer under the sources folder You can see the familiar system installer interface as follows. First select [Install Online Update Now (Recommended)], as shown below.

2, will enter the Win10 installation license terms, we check the “ I accept the license terms & rdquo;, then click [Next] at the bottom ,As shown below.

3. Next, select which type of installation you want to perform [Custom: Install Windows (Advanced) only], as shown below.

4. Next, you need to select which disk you want to install Win10 to. Here we can directly select the new partition disk that we created above. After the completion, continue to click [Next] ,As shown below.

5, after that, we basically do not need to operate, waiting for it to be completed automatically, Win10 installation takes longer For a while, and during the installation process, it will automatically restart several times, we only need to wait patiently for it to complete. As shown below.

6, after the computer restarts several times, it will enter the first installation setup of Win10, mainly need to create the user name, password and basic settings, etc. We follow the prompts to complete step by step, and finally You can enter the Win10 cooking interface, as shown below.

The picture is Win10 desktop

For the first time Win10 will not be installed, please read: Win10 preview version how to install U disk installation Win10 graphic tutorial.

After Win10 is successfully installed under Win8.1, after each computer restart or boot, it will enter the system selection interface. You can freely choose to enter Win10 or Win8.1 system, as shown below.

Win8.1/Win10 dual system switching method

Win8.1 and Win10 dual system installation tutorial for everyone to introduce here, in general, very simple, no need to set the BIOS It also does not need to use the virtual optical drive, it is completely installed in the Win8.1 system. The above shows that Win10 is installed under Win8.1, and the Win8 system is the same.

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