Where is the Win10 start screen? Retrieving Win10 Start Screen Method


A lot of friends who have installed Win10 system recently will find that Win10 continues the Win8 interface style, and the start menu has also got a real return, the new start menu, the traditional Win7 start menu and The combination of magnetic stickers makes the experience even better. However, careful friends will find that the Win10 screen interface has become hidden. So where is the Win10 start screen? Below Pepsi Network Xiaobian, teach you how to get back to the Win10 start screen.

First, in the blank space of the bottom of the Win10 desktop, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up options, select [Properties], as shown in the following interface.

Second, then the taskbar and start menu settings properties will pop up. Here we switch to the [Start Menu] tab, then the [Use “Start” Menu instead of “Start” screen 】The previous [√] is removed, and then click [OK] at the bottom, as shown in the following interface.
Change the start menu settings

Third, a pop-up "Change Start Screen Settings" dialog box, we click [Logout and change settings], as shown below.

Four, the computer will automatically log out, and then re-enter the login interface, we enter the password, re-enter the Win10 desktop, then enter the start screen method is the same as Win8, just click the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the desktop or Press the [Windows Key] on the keyboard directly to switch to the Win10 start screen, as shown in the following interface.
Win10 start screen interface

The above is the setting method of switching the Win10 start menu to the start screen, the setting is relatively simple. Finally, if you need to switch to the start menu again, we just need to go to the second step above and re-click [√] in front of [Use “Start” Menu instead of “Start”Screen] and click OK at the bottom. Re-register the computer to restore the Win10 start menu.

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