How to achieve a one-button shutdown of win7 computer

First of all, let me introduce the current shutdown situation, in general, the formal shutdown method is to click the menu, and then choose to shut down, if the luck is good, two steps can achieve win7 32-bit The pure version of the shutdown, but bad luck, the system will again prompt you whether you need to close the currently running program, whether the current file needs to be saved, or you can directly choose to force shutdown.
Although the shutdown procedure described above is somewhat troublesome, it has to be said that this is very useful. The user-friendly prompts can help us better protect the system and protect the data in the system. However, excessive care still makes many friends feel trouble, just want to shut down, why should it be so troublesome? In fact, win7 64-bit pure version has long been a one-button shutdown function, just to see if you know how to set up.
Operating steps:
1. Press win+r at the same time to open the running window of the computer, then enter gpedit.msc and click Enter, or click the OK button below.

2. After opening the local group policy editor, let's expand the Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - Shutdown option in the menu on the left, then look at the window on the right, we find "Close" will block Or cancel the auto-terminate function of the shutdown application & rdquo; this item and double-click.

3. After double-clicking to open the settings window, we can change the status to enabled.

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