Win7 adsl connection setting method

Create a dial-up connection
1: Click “Start →Control Panel →Network and Internet→Network and Sharing Center", click “Set New Connection or Network”

Set up a new connection or network
2: Select “Connect to the Internet", click “Next" Select "Broadband (PPPoE)(R)", enter the telecommunications office to provide User account and password, click & ldquo; Connect & rdquo; dial-up Internet.

How to speed up dialing speed?
To speed up dialing, we can right click on the property in the local connection of the network connection, you can add your own network card On the local IP address, that is, double-click the IPV4 protocol, set the IP address to:, the subcode mask will be set automatically, the gateway will not be set, and the DNS will remain unchanged. This is also the practice all the time. In addition, we also You can cancel the IPV6 protocol, which is to cancel the check in front of the IPV6 protocol.
Setting up automatic dialing
Users who want to access the Internet every year want to automatically dial up when the computer is turned on, which can be easily implemented in Win7.
1: Go to “Network and Sharing Center", click “Change Adapter Settings", then right click on the created dial-up connection and select “Properties>; dialog box to switch to “Options”, Deselect all items under “Dial Options", click “OK”.

Property settings
2: Enter “Start →All programs →Start”, right-click “Start”Select to open the startup folder, then drag and drop the dial-up connection to “ ” In the folder, this will automatically create a shortcut in the folder, after Win7 will automatically dial after startup.

Setting self-starting
Tip:: Stealth automatic dialing
Put the dial-up connection into the startup item, it will automatically dial when booting. In fact, we can also make a VBS script, automatic dialing does not display Dial-up interface. Create a new text entry: “createobject ("").run"Rasdial Broadband Connection Account Password",0”. Save as a file with the suffix .VBS and put it in the startup item on the right. The broadband connection here can be changed to your own set dialing name.

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