How to modify the working group of Windows7 system

Everyone on the LAN is estimated to be familiar with it. Sometimes it is necessary to set up a LAN or a workgroup to share resources. However, if a computer with a LAN is set to share resources of other groups, there is no way to change it. If you want to share it, you must change it. Workgroup, change to the group you want to share. So how do you change the workgroup under Win7? Xiaobian will tell you about it right away.
The method is as follows:
1, first click on the computer option icon on the desktop, right click on the menu item and click on the attribute option.
2, in the properties window that opens, everyone clicks to open “ view basic information about the computer & rdquo; this operation interface, see inside the "computer name, domain and workgroup settings" option, then we Click on "More Settings" and click on Select to open.

3. In the pop-up window, select the <;System Properties" interface and click “Change”
4. In the window that opens, select the "Computer Name/Domain Changes" option in the <quo;Subsidiary" column, and select the "Workgroup" option to modify the workgroup you want to change. Name;
5, the final confirmation is ok.
The above is how we can share the working group under Win7 system. If you find that your computer can't share it, then you need to see if it is in the same LAN or working group.

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