What if the Win7 Task Manager prompts that the process cannot be aborted?

Some computer problems are somewhat resilient. For example, anti-virus software and some rogue software will add themselves to the system service. When we use the task manager, when we end these processes, the following prompt box will appear:
Unable to abort the process
Unable to complete the operation.
Access denied.
The situation mentioned above, the answer to this question was not found, and the operation was repeated for nearly one and a half hours. The following will solve the problem steps and methods of this problem, share it with friends, and help you together!
Tips: If you don't know the ins and outs of related system services, it is strongly recommended not to do the following.
The first step, the relevant process, click the right mouse button, select "ld to the service" in the menu, go to the service &

Note: Because the problem has been solved first, here are available, other processes Right-click menu reprinted from: Beihaiting IT information technology personal blog www.beihaiting.com
Second step, in the service interface, click to select the problem service, then click on the bottom right corner " service & rdquo;
third step, in Service interface, find the problem service on the right side of the window, double-click to open the relevant service attribute interface
Step 4, in the related problem service interface, set the relevant service start type to "disable", click on the service status option “ Stop & rdquo;
The fifth step, after completing the operation, go to the relevant process, or delete the relevant problem file to try.
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