Win7 system how to delete the boot boot item to speed up the boot speed

1. First open the "Run" dialog box in the start menu with administrator privileges, enter the msconfig command and press Enter to open the "System Configuration Utility" window;

2. In the "System Configuration Utility" window that opens, switch to the "Boot" tab and find the boot item you want to delete.
3. Click the following button after selecting. Delete the ” button, close the dialog box after confirmation, restart the system;
4, then press “Win+X” key combination to select the Windows Powershell environment to enter the administrator privileges;
5, then enter “bcdedit /enum” command, view each boot state, right-click on the command prompt;
6, copy “ identifier” or “resumeobject” inside the braces, then enter “bcdedit /delete”, Right click on the paste and press the Enter key.
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