How to close the non-responsive program under Win7 system

In the process of using Windows 7 system, it is inevitable to encounter non-responsive programs, such programs can not be operated and can not be closed, can end the process through the task manager, but for the rookie, so many processes, do not know which is If the end is wrong, it may cause other problems, how is it good?
Don't worry, the small system will share a method to quickly close the unresponsive program.
In the blank space of the desktop, right click, open the right-click menu to point to "New", click on the submenu "Shortcuts", enter ; create shortcuts & rdquo; wizard, in the object In the Position column, type the “taskkill /F /FI “STATUS eq NOT RESPONDING” command, click “Next& rdquo;Continue

Name the shortcut, such as: Forced to close unresponsive Program, and finally click the "Done" button to create a shortcut

Now that the shortcut is created, display such an icon on the desktop, it looks very uncomfortable, then change it for it. Icon

Right-click "Forcibly close unresponsive program", open the right-click menu and click "Properties" command

Open the property interface, in the "Shortcuts" option Click on the card and click “Change Icon” button

The following prompt dialog box will pop up. Don’t bother with it, just click “OK” to confirm & rdquo;

Open“Change icon&rdquo ; dialog box, select a self in the list Like the icon, click and click “ OK & rdquo; button

Finally, look at the modified effect (such as when the program does not respond, double-click to execute the command)

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