Win7 play game full screen how to adjust

I have a friend who likes to play cf very much, can have a problem with his computer recently, can not full screen when playing CF, win7cf full screen how to adjust
WIN7 play CF can not full screen how to do? How to solve WIN7 system game full screen problem? Most players say that playing cf with win7 can not be full screen, I finally explored cf full screen through research and exploration, do not need to change the registry, no trouble, now tell everyone.
Solution 1:
First right click on the desktop and select the screen resolution.

Select Advanced Settings

Select Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel

Select Graphics Properties

Select Zoom to Select Full Screen

Click OK. When you play cf again, is it full screen?
Method 2:
. In other cases, the resolution of the computer directly changes the resolution of the computer.
Generally just installed the system into the CF is like this, you first adjust the resolution of the point before entering the game (as long as the adjustment is not the same as the original, for example, you are now 1360x768 you can turn him into 1024x768 or other things, depending on your own computer), then enter the game full screen, I hope to help you.
Method three:
open the Run window, type regedit carriage return, this will open the Registry Editor, and then navigate to the following location:
in Configuration, right above this, select Find, Enter Scaling, find scaling in the right frame, right-click scaling to change
to change the value to 3 (the original value is 4), this method basically kills all the full-screen problems of Windows7 games.
For example, some users found:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ControlGraphicsDriversConfiguration BNQ7820G5904027026_14_07D9_0D ^ 982BE6B19D3412E0FED7CFC9082CBA3900Scaling
the value Scaling here to 3 can be, in this case, BNQ7820G5904027026_14_07D9_0D ^ 982BE6B19D3412E0FED7CFC9082CBA39
Note that this value due The display device is changed differently, and the key value that everyone searches for is correct!!

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