Windows 7 system: complication of com component registration failure

COM components are actually some of the smaller binary executables in the system, they can provide certain services for applications, operating systems and other components. So registering COM components is an important thing, but it is also a hard injury to the win7 system. Win7 system registration COM components always fail, which is bothersome.
Run: regsvr32xxx.ocx
Tip: Module "xxx.ocx" has been loaded, but the call to dllregisterserver failed, error code 0x80004005.

  Run as admin & rsquo;:
2. Execute again: regsvr32xxx.ocx command, if you specify the full path, you need to use quotes "", "d:/components/xxx.ocx"
3. Tip: Registration is successful!
COM component is an important part of Microsoft system. COM components are forbidden, which may cause the video to not play properly. Music cannot be used normally. Various situations may occur. Hope This can be helpful to users when they fail to register a COM component.

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