How to change the windows xp system to windows 7 system?

This method is to install the windows7 single system method, instead of installing the dual system method, if you want to install the Windows XP and Windows7 dual system, it is not so complicated, you can use the virtual optical drive method or run the setup directly under the hard disk. For installation, here is just a way to install a single system!
Method 1: Windows 7 system installs windows7
1, download windows 7 7057ISO image (RC or RTM), copy to non-C with virtual drive Disk (such as D: 7057)
2, the bootmgr and boot directory under the D: 7057 directory (in fact, as long as the inside boot.sdi and bcd files) are copied to the root directory of the c drive, and in the root directory of the C drive Create a sources folder. (Under XP, you don't need to get administrator rights)
3. Copy under D:7057sources to the resources folder just created by C drive.
4. Run cmd as administrator and enter c: Bootbootsect.exe/nt60 c: Prompt successful (ie successful!)
5, close the cmd window to restart the computer, automatically enter the installation interface, select the installation language, and select the appropriate time and currency display type and keyboard and input method
6, appears “ start installation interface & rdquo;, (note, do not click & ldquo; now install & rdquo;) point to the lower left corner "repair computer" (repair mycomputer), enter " system recovery selection " Select the last "command prompt"(commandprompt), enter the DOS window
7, enter "D:7057sourcessetup.exe" (without the quotation marks), start the installation
8, select the installation language, Format C drive, it is OK
Method 2: Windows XP system installs new windows7
1, download windows 7 7057ISO image (RC or RTM), copy to non-C drive with virtual drive (such as D:7057 )
2, copy D: 7057 folder in Boot, EFI, sourc Es folder and bootmgr to the root directory of the C drive
3, copy D:7057boot under Bootsect.exe to the root directory of the C drive
Part 2 need to obtain administrator rights
4, run as administrator Cmd, enter c:bootsect.exe/nt60 c: and enter (preferably copy, there are spaces in the middle)
5, restart the system automatically enters the installation interface, click the repair computer in the lower left corner to repair my computer)
6 Select the last command prompt, enter the DOS window, enter D:7057sourcessetup.exe to enter the installation interface
7, select the installation language, format the C drive, it is OK

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