Detailed description of installing Win7 on hard disk under XP system

Maybe a friend will say that installing win7 under XP system is actually very simple. Just click on the SETUP of the virtual CD-ROM. It is easy to get to the extreme. Do you need to talk more? Of course, this method is also feasible, but it is not reliable and troublesome. The author recommended a sure way to pass the Belden, let you know how to install win7, you know how to install win8 or even other versions of the system, reduce the cost of secondary learning, is it causing your curiosity? Then look down together .
Pre-installation instructions:
1, first install XP, then install Windows 7, it is best not to reverse, otherwise XP will not cover the Windows 7 boot manager, it will be more troublesome. In short, follow the "old version to the new version" installation principle.
2, if the partition is not big enough, please use the following software to adjust, but be cautious, see:
hard disk partition management tool Norton PartitionMagic (PQ8.0) V8.05 Build 1371 Lite Chinese version download
Windows XP
Recommended installation: Windows XP pro with sp3 VOL Microsoft original (Simplified Chinese) + Genuine key
Windows 7
Windows 7 English Ultimate + Simplified Chinese language package (MSDN original)
Windows 7 Simplified Chinese Ultimate + Activation Tools
XP hard disk installation Windows 7 detailed instructions:
1, XP installed in the C drive, Windows 7 installed in the non-C drive, for example: E drive, the drive must be NTFS Formatted blank disk (if some data is not completely removed, please format it quickly before installation to avoid error in the installation process), size 16G or above, 20G is recommended.
2, put the downloaded image on the non-Windows 7 installation disk, directly decompress with WinRAR, get a folder, double-click the setup inside, click \\” next \\”, then follow the prompts to do it. The installation process will be restarted several times. The entire installation process will take about 20 minutes, and the installation time will vary from configuration to configuration. (Special reminder: Do not choose to upgrade during the installation process, "Select from the definition", and then select the disk where you are ready to install Windows 7, for example: E disk. Also activate the activation code first, click \\&rdquo Next step\\”, after installation is complete, use \\” activation tool\\” activate.)
3. After the installation is complete, you will see two selection menus, the first one is Earlier Version. Of Windows
is the early operating system Windows XP; the second is Windows 7, and the default system is Windows 7, the waiting time is 30 seconds. At this point, a perfect dual system is created.
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