Modify the registry to Windows 7 screen saver pattern

Compared with XP, Win7 comes with a lot of screen saver, but it's a bit greasy for a long time. With simple modification, we can play different tricks!
Let the bubble screen saver become a balloon screen saver
Win7 comes with Bubble screensaver, it doesn't look so good, decisively modify it!
First run the registry editor regedit, then go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER→Software→Microsoft→Windows→CurrentVersion→Screensavers, right click on the Bubbles item, select in turn “New →DWORD (32-bit value)”, name it "<;MaterialGlass”, then double-click "MaterialGlass", enter the value in the pop-up window ""0”, and finally exit the registry editor.
Then preview the screensaver, hahaha, bubble screensaver has become a balloon screensaver! Before and after the modification.
The more the ribbons, the more festive.
By default, the number of ribbons in Win7's own ribbons is relatively small, no feeling. However, we can modify the registry to double the number of ribbons!
Run the registry editor regedit, and then go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER→Software→Microsoft→Windows→CurrentVersion→Screensavers, right click on the Ribbons item and select “&ldquo ; New → DWORD (32-bit value) & rdquo;, name it "NumRibbons", and then double-click "NumRibbons", in the pop-up window, "ldquo; base" is selected as decimal, then enter the value of the ribbon, for example Enter the number "30" (any value from 1 to 100), and finally exit the registry editor, and then preview the screen saver, hahaha, the ribbon has doubled?
Description: Win7 also comes with conversion lines and 3D text Screensaver, corresponding to Mystify and ssText3d, the modification method is similar to the above, how to modify it? Or leave the suspense to friends

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