Win7 desktop icon can not be deleted how to do

Many times when you delete the desktop shortcut, or delete the desktop file, we often encounter the situation that can not be deleted, the desktop icon can not be deleted because your software is rogue software, so you can't delete it in the normal way. To drop it, you have to use a better method.
1, the desktop shortcut commonly used method:
1: smash it, this need to install 360 security guards
2: delete it through the registry
3: delete it in safe mode
4: Desktop Cleanup Wizard, this system does not have this function in win7, so it will not be introduced.
2, smash desktop shortcuts
commonly used methods to quickly solve problems, can be done under normal circumstances, Xiaobian did not encounter uncertain
3, delete in safe mode
this is deleted A desktop file that prompts you to run a method that cannot be deleted, commonly used.
4, modify the registry
This method is very troublesome, and it is difficult to find the icon you want to delete, so it is not recommended, here is probably about it! In the registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsCurrentVersionExplorerDesktopNameSpace. Everything here represents a desktop shortcut. You can export the things inside, then delete them one by one, know to delete them, and then import the backups and delete the ones you want to delete.
The above is about the win7 desktop icon can not be deleted, the desktop icon can not delete the desktop. The above method is a small series of methods that I have summarized. Of course, I remember to kill the virus. In many cases, the things that can't be deleted are poisonous or Trojan.

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