Win7 system prompts for unrecognized network

Many ADSL users will look at the network connection and turn it around. It will be recognized when the local connection is over 1 minute. After the broadband connection, it will take more than 1 minute. There are mainly several services that are set to be manual or disabled. Among them: IPHELPer, NetworkConnections, RemoteAccessConnectionManager, these services can not be disabled, you must set the automatic start.
The service is open, not enough. Also make the following settings.
1, local connection settings, in addition to the IPv4 protocol, your own third-party firewall protocol (if you have a third-party firewall), there are QoS agreements (this agreement, you can hook or not, because Some people don't feel that the speed is fast, some people don't feel slow and … … they like it, and all other protocols of Win7 system don't check, cancel.
Then, point IPv4, select properties, configure IP address:, subnet mask:, gateway:, DNS, each person is different, the most direct way to view: after networking, Right click on the broadband connection, select the status, and then click on the details, inside you can see IPv4DNS (dial-up users, IP address is randomly assigned, but this DNS is fixed), there are two, copy and write, fill in the local connection Here one, the first one fills in OK, the local connection ends here, click OK.
2, broadband connection, properties, network, only hook IPv4 protocol, other cancellation.
3, open IE, to the internet option, connect that item, LAN settings, click in, then cancel the auto detection setting option, OK, all settings are completed here.
4, back to the "Network and Sharing Center", right click on the icon of the local connection, click on the network in the pop-up window, then click on the merge network below, and finally "unrecognized network" is gone, The effect is shown in the figure below, OK.
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