Seconds with win7 file library, make working files easy to find

I believe that many people, like Xiaobian, need to classify a lot of files in their normal work. Sometimes, Xiaobian really hopes that the computer also has the function of webpage favorites. I don’t have to worry about finding it anymore. Later, Xiaobian accidentally heard a friend talk about it. He told me that win7 really has this feature, and then he told Xiaobian how to get it. The following steps are explained:
Open a file at will. At this time we can see the "library" in the left navigation bar and then we click on the library and select New - Library.
For the newly created library, our first step is to take a name, and then add the words, files, and folders that we want to put in the pain. Right click on the library and select properties. In the pop-up window, click “Include Folder", you can put all of our above articles into it. At this time we are opening the library and we can see the files inside.
The habit of Xiaobian is to build a lot of libraries. Anyway, the computer is used by me alone. I have made a lot of folders into a library, which is like a webpage favorite. What kind of library I need to click is very easy to find. When you want to classify, you can also put the file into it through the library.
The above is about the second win7 file library, so that the work files are easy to find. Xiaobian feels that using the library to classify is a very good function, at least improve the work efficiency of Xiaobian, especially in Xiaobian many times, the files that I originally got, the file name is also forgotten. They are all quickly found through the library. If there is no library to find it for a long time.
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