Win7 system access to the specified web page 2 tricks

Method 1 Modify the Hosts file
The hosts file is located in the Windows /system32 /drivers /etc /directory, used to control domain name access. I thought of the way to modify the hosts file, so that the DNS domain name resolution sites point to, as follows:……
However, it is impossible to write all the domain names. Someone asks * Can you? The answer is no, because the hosts file does not support wildcards.
So this method is theoretically feasible, but it is not practical.
Method 2 Control through Hosts file and network settings
1. Set the DNS server to in the network settings, network link status -> TCP/IPv4 -> Properties -> Preferred DNS server - >
At this time, you will find that opening a browser to access any web page through a domain name is not acceptable (but it can be done by IP, but this can at least mask out 95% of users, because
most The user only remembers the domain name and cannot remember the server IP).
2. Modify the hosts file to specify domain names that are not prohibited. For example:, at this time, when visiting, it is not through the DNS server, but directly mapped to
The above is the specific method of accessing the specified webpage in the win7 system. Netizens should learn it! Let the netizens see the webpage they like when they open the webpage!

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