Windows 7 system how to not enter the login account password

On your computer, the card in the login interface every day, let you enter the password is the most annoying, because we do not have a password, it also you lose, which makes you very depressed. So is there any way to crack it, so that you don't have to press Enter again to log in directly when you log in.
Using this environment
Your computer must be a computer that you only use for one person, and you can't set an account and password. If it is a public computer or a company computer, Xiaobian recommends setting a password. In case you go to eat and other things, others are being mobilized.
It’s time to teach the real skills.
In the run, type "control userpasswords2" and then "to use the machine, the user must enter the username and password"; the front of the item is removed.
The next time you reboot, you will find that the computer will not be stuck in the login interface and you will press Enter.
The above is about how to enter the login account password for the windows 7 system.

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