Win 7 Tips: Let Media Center Support More Video Formats

Win 7 can use the built-in media center to play various video files, which is a fact that many users can easily ignore. Today, Windows 7 Media Center brings a new experience to users, you can also create a personalized media center. MCE setup tools to achieve your dreams. The following system home series will teach you four tricks, let your media center support more video formats, create your own Windows 7 personalized media center.
First download the Win7codecs package specially customized for Win 7 from the Internet, and then click the “Next” button to complete the installation of the decoding package. Once the installation is complete, you can use the Media Center to play common video files such as RM, RMVB, and AVI.
Right-click on a video file of a certain format (such as RM format) that already exists on the hard disk, and select "Properties" to open the "General" tab of the "Properties" dialog box of the video file. Click the “Change” button in the tab to open the “Open With “ dialog box and select the "Win Media Center" option (as shown); and finally click the “OK” button to place the RM The file is associated with the media center.

Similarly, according to the above method, we can also associate other frequently played video file formats (such as RMVB, AVI format) with Win 7 media center. In this way, when we double-click these types of video files, we can directly call the media center to play. Friends who need it can try it according to the method taught by Xiaobian. It is very convenient and can also let you play the video. The file is easier.
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