Viewing the wireless network password

under Windows 7 Nowadays, the wireless network is very popular among users because of its convenient and fast features, and its transmission speed is greatly improved compared with the previous one. For wireless network connections, Windows XP cannot see the password directly, but Windows 7 does. As for the purpose of viewing the wireless network password of Windows 7, after the wireless network establishes the connection, it is not necessary to input the password again every time, and it may be forgotten after a long time, when the system is reinstalled, or the colleague asks you for the wireless password.
It looks good, it's easy to operate: On the Windows 7 desktop, right click on "Network", (in the pop-up menu) select "Properties", the system will pop up a new dialog box as shown below .

Click the "Wireless Network Connections" button at the bottom right and the system will pop up its "Properties" window. Click the “Wireless Properties” button in the middle section to pop up the interface. Then click on the “display character” item to view the corresponding wireless network password.

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