Imm32.dll is an invalid Windows image solution

Q: My computer can't open the task manager. When I right click on the taskbar and open the task manager, the application DLL C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\IMM32.DLL will appear as an invalid Windows image. Click multiple times. After confirming " can be canceled, I don't know why, please help me how to solve the above problem? Where is the imm32.dll system download?
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Cause analysis:
imm32.dll invalid windows image mainly in the Trojan The Trojan file will modify, even replace, and hijack the imm32.dll in the system32 directory, and some security software will destroy the file directly when it is killed, and it is not repaired.
After that, when everyone runs the program, the system will automatically load the file, and the DLL is damaged. It is not a normal PE. When it cannot be loaded, the error message is displayed.
The simplest solution:
Just relocate an imm32.dll file to its original location. You can copy an imm32.dll file to your colleague's computer, then put the file in c:windowssystem32, then click on the control panel - regional language options - language - details - advanced - advanced text services The hook is removed - back to the language settings - add language OK.
This small series for the convenience of everyone, directly provide an imm32.dll download address for everyone to download. Software Name: imm32.dll file software version: [Resolve the missing DLL file] or find an imm32.dll download on the Internet
(Hint: imm32.dll dll is placed in c:\\windows\\ System32 inside)
How to install and uninstall the imm32.dll file?
1, extract the downloaded file;
2, copy the DLL file to the system32 folder. [C:\\windows\\system32]
3, click Start —— Run
Install the DLL file: Enter regsvr32 imm32.dll
Uninstall the DLL file: Enter regsvr32 -u imm32 .dll
4, after that, there will be a prompt window, the file has been successfully installed or uninstalled.
5, or copy to the directory where the program that is missing the DLL file is prompted.

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