Windows 7 password forgot? Solution

Because you can't use the administrator account to enter Win7, the auxiliary tools are relatively large, and you can't return the pe key to delete the password in the xp era, but you can use the Win7 system account to run the cmd command to force the account password to be modified! Take xp+Win7 as an example (you can also enter pe without installing dual system):
First, because cmd is in the system directory, file changes must first obtain file ownership. Open “D:\\windows\\system32” (assuming win7 is installed on the D drive), right click on “arrator.exe” select “permission”——advanced——owner, manage under current xp The account number is set to the owner (if there is no current account in the list, click “other accounts”, manually enter the current account name). Click the "OK" button to return to the Permission Settings window, click “Add”, add the current administrator account to the list, and set the account read permission for this file to "full control".
Second, the operation is the same as above, set the current account to "ldd;exe" rd permissions for full control, and then rename "narrator.exe" to "ldrator; narrator1.exe", "ldld; exe", renamed to “narrator.exe”.
Three, (if you log in as the administrator account, you don't need this step) Restart the login win7, click the “Easy Access” button in the lower right corner of the login interface, and tick “Open Narrator” in the window that opens. ”, at this time is the cmd window is started (it is opened by system, naturally has administrator privileges~), enter the following command in cmd to open the administrator account, restart to use administrator:
net user Administrator /active:yes (interpretation: forcibly open the administrator account)
net user administrator 123456/add (interpretation: forcibly change the user administrator password to 123456)
(but when I think I can, I forget my own I used this account to set the password to do the experiment. I didn't expect the original password file of the administrator to be damaged. The password is useless. It turns out that it is correct. It seems that the administrator account that has set the password cannot be changed. There is no remedy for the article, it seems that I still get it.)
Fourth, since the administrator account can not be made , then create a 呗, to have the same permissions as it does not work; restart login Win7, click the “Easy Access” button in the lower right corner of the login interface, and tick “Open Narrator” in the window that opens. ;, start the cmd window, enter:
net user admin 123 /add Enter;
net localgroup administrators admin /add Enter;
5, restart, enter the admin account can be;

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